Genius Hour Lesson Plan

For my genius hour lesson plan I decided to create a lesson using current events and Twitter to strengthen collaboration & connectedness in classrooms. Students will work in groups to critically analyze new articles, research the topic, and create a … Read More

Extension Assignment

Addressing ELL student’s Communication Needs For the Personalized Learning Institute (EDCI 410 & 463) this summer I presented an extension assignment on how teachers can support ELL students in their classrooms. Below is the slide set from that presentation with … Read More

“Lend me your ears…”

Blog #1 Response “Lend me your ears…”. Here is the advice that I will give to my colleagues to support their literacy teaching in contemporary times. The word literacy can conjure images of libraries full of books, newspapers, and magazines … Read More

“If I had a million dollars…”

If I had a million dollars… How would I support students’ personalized literacy learning in my classroom if I had an influx of funds? There is no single thing I would do with that money but there are many ways … Read More

What Makes a Good Professional TikTok?

When you are trying to promote your TikTok account as a professional I think having a predictable “style” really helps. It’s almost like reading a good book, the content itself changes but there is a flow or order that readers/viewers … Read More

Assignment 2: Cyberbullying Lesson Plan

For this assignment, I took an existing lesson plan from, Introduction to cyberbullying: Avatars and identity, and adapted it to challenge students to create a project that showed how a powerful digital bystander could help when they witness cyberbullying. … Read More

Powerful/Positive Bystander Tips

This is a document used in my Cyberbullying lesson plan. The document originally comes from this PDFeSafetyCommissioner. (n.d.). Student resource – Em,the bystander[PDF].

TikTok and education

TikTok is a video-sharing app where people can use their own audio, a song available through the app, or a mix of both to create and share content. A creator’s video can be original or mix in audio/video content from … Read More

Twitter in Classrooms

This week we are delving into how teachers can have their class access twitter in a safe way and get them started on their digital leadership journey. Check out my completed Twitter template on how teachers can use Twitter in … Read More

Check out these Education Blogs!

I don’t have much experience following blogs but this week I’ve been looking around and these caught my eye as places I can look for good educational resources. Please check out all three of them as they all offer something … Read More