6th PE Blog Post

The calluses on my hands are getting better! I think my hands have started getting used to rowing because my calluses have gotten much better.   I have been doing 20 minute sessions on the rowing machine this week, this … Read More

PE rowing post #4

I have been making good progress with rowing but lately  I have only been able to do it three times in a week. The end of term is fast approaching so I aim to keep up my three, or more, … Read More

Third workout blog

Blog Post #3   Starting this yesterday I have switched from using a written exercise plan (I was using one from the concept 2 website, which was great but got a bit repetitive) to watching videos and following along. I … Read More

Following an exercise plan

I had been rowing for a few weeks when I decided that I should try something more structured than the 30 mins (10 min intervals with a 2 min rest) of rowing at a moderate pace of 23 strokes per … Read More

PE Blog #1

Learning to row   Since the pandemic restrictions were put in place last spring I have been spending much more time at home and, mostly, sitting at a desk or computer. So when I found out that my 310 class … Read More