Genius Hour Lesson Plan

For my genius hour lesson plan I decided to create a lesson using current events and Twitter to strengthen collaboration & connectedness in classrooms. Students will work in groups to critically analyze new articles, research the topic, and create a … Read More

What Makes a Good Professional TikTok?

When you are trying to promote your TikTok account as a professional I think having a predictable “style” really helps. It’s almost like reading a good book, the content itself changes but there is a flow or order that readers/viewers … Read More

Assignment 2: Cyberbullying Lesson Plan

For this assignment, I took an existing lesson plan from, Introduction to cyberbullying: Avatars and identity, and adapted it to challenge students to create a project that showed how a powerful digital bystander could help when they witness cyberbullying. … Read More

Powerful/Positive Bystander Tips

This is a document used in my Cyberbullying lesson plan. The document originally comes from this PDFeSafetyCommissioner. (n.d.). Student resource – Em,the bystander[PDF].

TikTok and education

TikTok is a video-sharing app where people can use their own audio, a song available through the app, or a mix of both to create and share content. A creator’s video can be original or mix in audio/video content from … Read More

Twitter in Classrooms

This week we are delving into how teachers can have their class access twitter in a safe way and get them started on their digital leadership journey. Check out my completed Twitter template on how teachers can use Twitter in … Read More

Check out these Education Blogs!

I don’t have much experience following blogs but this week I’ve been looking around and these caught my eye as places I can look for good educational resources. Please check out all three of them as they all offer something … Read More

EDCI 338 July 2021

This July I will be taking the EDCI 338 course at UVic that focuses on social media and personalized learning. In this section of my site, you will find posts connected to the exploration and learning that I do within … Read More